Set A Trap For God!

This site invites you to join thousands around the world who have convened daily since upon heeding the charge led by Apostle Darryl Winston of Atlanta, GA to launch the Global Prayer Network via conference call.

Apostle Winston’s penchant for the afro Asiatic languages, namely Hebrew and the Aramaic language spoken by Jesus and 1st century Palestine, led him to study the prayer traditions of the early church. It was then that he discovered the word for prayer in the Aramaic langue of Jesus is “slotha” which means to “Set a trap for God.”

It is this dimension of prayer that prompted Jesus disciples in Luke 11:1 to ask the question, “Lord, teach us to pray…“ Throughout the centuries, the spiritual discipline of prayer has remained a conduit for grace and power! The significance of prayer in our lives enables us to bring spiritual power to bear on life’s unfixable conditions. There is no move of God in the earth that was not ushered in via prayer. From time, immemorial prayerful people have triumphed over tragedy, transformed worlds. We relish the wonderful opportunity to fellowship with you in the Global Prayer Village as we gather to “Set A Trap For God!”

I decree and declare today, you shall stand still and see this great thing that the Lord is about to do before your eyes! You are under an open heaven!! In Jesus name…Amen!

1 Sam 12:16, #globalprayernetwork

I Decree and declare today, the Lord has surely granted you endless blessings and made you glad with joy! In Jesus’ name…Amen!

Psalm 21:6, #globalprayernetwork

I decree and declare today, the Lord God shall increase you more and more; you and your family!! In Jesus name…Amen!

Ps. 115:14, #globalprayernetwork

I decree and declare today, the Lord is making you a blessing and the places all around you a blessing! He is causing showers of blessing to come into your life in THIS season!! In Jesus name…Amen!

Ezekiel 34:26, #globalprayernetwork

I decree and declare today, greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world; you are an overcomer!! In Jesus name…Amen!

John 4:4, #globalprayernetwork

I decree and declare today, you shall receive the good measured, pressed down, shaken together, and running over in your life! You are blessed of the Lord! In Jesus. Name…Amen!

Luke 6:8, #globalprayernetwork

I decree and declare today, The Lord has met you with the blessings of good things; You are prosperous and full of life! In Jesus name…Amen!

Ps. 21:3, #globalprayernetwork